Matcha & Lime Cheesecake

Here at Omm Nomm we’re all pretty mad about tea, so when the opportunity came up to bake with our new best friends at Eat Clean Tea we simply couldn’t resist! The result was an easy to make, deliciously tangy matcha and lime cheesecake which combines all the citrus flavour of lime with the health benefits of matcha tea!


150g of digestive biscuits
40g of unsalted butter
400g of cream cheese
100g of sifted caster sugar
100ml of whipping cream
½ teaspoon of Eat Clean matcha tea
A splash of boiling water
2 Limes

matcha lime cheesecake side


Begin by melting your butter in a pan over a low heat. Place your digestive biscuits into a freezer bag and whack vigorously with a rolling pin until you achieve small crumbs. You can alternatively place them into a blender to get the same results – but we find the rolling pin method is excellent for alleviating stress!

Take an 8 inch cake tin (preferably with a removable base) and cut a slice of greaseproof paper to line the bottom. Add your digestive crumbs into the pan with your melted butter and mix well; once you have crumbly dough, add the mixture to your cake tin and press down evenly and firmly with the back of a spoon. Pop into the fridge to chill.

Whilst your base is cooling pop your kettle on and add ½ a teaspoon of Eat Clean matcha tea to a small bowl. Once boiled, add just a splash of water to your powdered tea and whisk into a smooth paste.

Grab a mixing bowl or food processor and add your cream cheese, sugar, whipping cream and tea paste. Zest the two limes onto a separate plate (you’ll need it later) and add the juice of these limes to the mix. Whisk vigorously until your mixture is smooth and creates soft peaks. You can now take your cooled base out of the fridge and pour on the mixture evenly.

Place your cheesecake back into the fridge and cool for a couple of hours. Once set, take your cake out of the fridge and sprinkle a little of the lime zest over the top. Serve chilled.

For more information on the benefits of matcha tea and to buy please visit:

Recipe by Dan Russell.


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