Daniel Russell

With a sweet tooth and a bottomless stomach, Daniel specialises in all those recipes that
leave you needing an after-food nap!

Coming from a family of avid amateur cooks and bakers, Dan got into making food at a very young age. Being one of four hungry brothers meant cooking Sunday dinner with his dad often turned into a task of epic proportions, and he soon became proficient with a kitchen knife and handy with a whisk.

He enjoys making food because it offers him the opportunity to be creative and escape from the daily labour of life. He believes it brings people together, and there’s always a talking point when it comes to someone’s favourite dish! Outside of the kitchen Dan works in financial services and lives with his girlfriend Ellen in Newcastle upon Tyne.


Lisa Smith

Lisa has a big love for eating with a massive sweet-tooth but genetics which aren’t a fan of either. When the metabolism of youth had enough it was time to get healthy. Its all about the cheats! Healthy ingredients to make the most indulgent and satisfying grub!

Yorkshire born she ain’t fussy or trying to be fancy – just a new way to cook what you want without needing to run it off.

By day she manages a busy schedule for a popular children’s animated series so there’s no time for hours of cooking, most of her recipes will be what she cooks as part of her normal day. Fast. Delicious. Guilt free.


Lee Jones

Lee used to eat a lot, of anything. Quite literally. After some trial and error, observing his eating habits, he figured it was meat making him feel shitty and this past year of his life he’s made the conscious effort in switching to a vegetarian/vegan based diet at least 5 times a week.

Surprisingly, it was easier than expected! He don’t crave meat; he don’t want to kill himself as much; and it tastes fucking good – All hail the mighty vegetable!

Still, he likes big portions and this fits with his hectic lifestyle pretty perfectly. Prone to just dropping everything and being out of the house on some weird photo-mission, all the food he makes can be left on the side ready for his return… It’s almost like getting the pleasure of eating a leftover takeaway after a heavy night every morning, except it’s home-cooked and don’t keep you on the toilet.


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